The Grey Areas Of Gated Communities

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The Grey Areas of Gated Communities

Faress Alakwaa

What are gated communities? Is not a high-rise condo with lobby security just another form of gated community? What other kinds of gated communities are there? Find Toronto examples to illustrate your points.

Roughly 8 million Americans, which is about 3% of America’s households, live in gated communities with dividers and entryways in the end of the 1990’s. This number is difficult to monitor and estimate as the real estate market evolves, the gated community changes forms and alternative forms such as condominiums increase. That being said the number has been steadily changing as Americans are increasingly looking to privatize previously civic space. According to census statistics, gated communities are becoming one of the fastest-growing housing types in the United States. Across the border gated communities have never been as popular in Canada as they are in America. There was less than 300 of them scattered around Canada in 2005. The vast majority of these, 228 to be exact, were in British Columbia, and just 49 of them in Ontario. The first residential fencing appeared in the US in the second half the 19th century under the form of gated communities like Tuxedo Park of New York, or private streets like those in St. Louis.
In the present day a gated community, also known as enclosed communities, is a type of private residential area that controls traffic such as people and cars. It is described as an

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