The Grey Zone

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The Grey Zone Whose responsibility is it to ensure that workplaces are safe, especially when work is outsourced? Strategic managers have the responsibility to ensure that work places are safe when work is outsourced. Strategic decision makers must consider many aspects when pursuing international strategies (Coulter, 2013, p.198). Before doing business internationally, however, strategic managers need to explore, examine, and understand as best as they can, the important issues in the international environment (Coulter, 2013, p.198). Although outsourcing work has its advantages, the drawbacks must also be considered. Some safety concerns could include: 1) differences in language, culture, and value systems, 2) ethnic, religious, and…show more content…
A Multicountry approach is one in which as organization’s strategies vary according to the countries in which it does business (Coulter, 2013, p.202). This approach is centered on creating an advantage through differentiation. The products, marketing, and distribution are tailored and adopted to local culture and customs. Such local responsiveness is important when significant country to country differences exist (Coulter, 2013, p.203). An example of this would be McDonald’s Corporation. To appeal to the local customers’ palates in Singapore, they added rice burgers – fried beef slices served between two pressed rice cakes, to its menu. Should ethical/corporate responsibility issues be part of the international strategy decision – making process? Why or why not? Ethical/Corporate responsibility issues should be part of the international strategy decision making process. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing work, but ethical and corporate responsibilities must also considered in the decision making process. Your company should be follow the laws of the country to which they are moving their operations. They must also pay just wages to their employees and have them work the hours of a normal working week. They should make sure that all of their facilities are up to fire code regulations and sanitation standards of the country that they’re going to, or to the standards of their own corporation. They should
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