The Grid Of The Whole Social Life By Gopnik Essay

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With change comes risks, and it is okay to worry about those risks, but is how we handle those risks that will affect a person. Gopnik discusses in his essay “the grid of the streets and cafes and small engagements in the nineteenth-century city-the whole social life-was designed self-consciously as an escape from the numbing boredom” (156). Networks were created as a way for people to get away from the constant dullness. Humans used these networks or grids as a way to keep in contact and converse with each other; now they keep in contact through the means of phone calls, emails, and especially social media. What can be seen from this is the constant change in which humans communicate. What was used in the eighteen hundred as a source of communication…show more content…
And it is these impacts of change that people need be watchful of. With any amount of change there is the possibility that it will either have a negative, positive, or neutral affect. Those whose lives have been negatively impacted by technology use the argument that technology is to blame for the loss of human connection. While those whose lives have been positively impacted by technology argue that technology has improved their communication with others, especially for those who are unable to have face-to-face conversation. But for those whose lives have been neutrally by technology, have little interaction with technology, causing them to have little to no opinion on technology. This is where the problem lies. Technology has caused a social divide. Though technology has become more accessible it is still very expensive, there is still a social divide. As technology advances, and continues to better people’s lives there are some who are unable to afford the newer technology. People who are part of the upper class, are allowed the latest form of technology, that seems to only benefit them, while others in the lower class are using older and slower technology. The largest disadvantage of this can be seen in the education system. Children who grew up in lower income school district, did have an education with newest technology. Their lack of access to advance technology can prohibited them from learning the newer technological skills that are economy
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