The Grief Process

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Struggling with the Grief Process
Some individuals may struggle with the grieving process. Poor coping mechanisms can lead to major depressive disorders and even anxiety. Grieving individuals may exhibit signs and symptoms of poor physical health because they stop taking care of themselves. Widows and widowers have 8 to 50 times higher suicide rate than the overall population (Snyder, 2009). Let’s take a look at the following scenario:
Mrs. G. is a 75-year old woman who lives by herself at home. She has Stage 1 heart failure and Type 2 Diabetes. There is no history of depression or anxiety. Four months ago, Mr. G. passed away from complications related to a hernia repair operation. Prior to Mr. G.’s surgery, the couple was very active in
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What emotions is Mrs. G. experiencing at this time?
Answer: People deal with loss in different ways. Painful emotions take place when the reality of the loss sinks in and the numbness of the loss wears off. This is when a person starts to face their feelings. Mrs. G. has been experiencing many different emotions including withdrawing from other people, feeling alone in the situation, not having the desire to eat, losing weight, having trouble sleeping, looking sad, feeling tired, and feeling depressed (American Cancer Society, 2014).
2. What stages of grief is Mrs. G. experiencing?
Answer: Mrs. G. may be experiencing both anger and depression. She is angry that her husband has left her with “work around the house and yard.” Her house is not as tidy as it used to be according to her daughter. Yet, on the other hand, she expresses sadness and depression in that she feels what has happened is all a bad dream and she wants to wake up with her husband beside her. She has stopped keeping her house tidy. According to her daughter, she may have lost weight so she may not be eating enough. Another concern from her daughter is if her mother is taking her
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G. and her daughter by listening with a caring attitude. The nurse can support Mrs. G. and her daughter by being with them and guiding them through the grieving process. A counselor may be of assistance since it has been four months since Mrs. G.’s husband has passed. Further investigation is needed regarding Mrs. G.’s eating and weight. If Mrs. G. cannot cook for herself then community services may be appropriate. It would also be of benefit to have close friends visit Mrs. G., if she is willing to have them over to her house. It is important to acknowledge Mrs. G.’s feelings and her daughter’s feelings. It may be helpful to encourage Mrs. G. and her daughter to tell stories that reflect back on Mr. G.’s life with them. What are some other things you think the nurse can do to assist Mrs. G. and her
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