The Grimm Brothers And The Brothers

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Throughout history, many stories are handed down generation to generation. When the brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, started to publish a different type of story that depicted ordinary characters that overcame tough situations through supernatural and violent means, it caught attention among the people. These stories portrayed characters that not only possessed abnormal characteristics, but also had the lives of their adversaries end rather abruptly. The Grimm brothers collected extensively on fairy tales depicting violent behavior that were directed to be read to the children of that time which in turn gave a whole new meaning the term “fairy tale.”
In a 2012 article, Cavendish provides some basic information regarding the Grimm brothers various works. Their first published volume of Kinder- und Hausmärchen was released in 1812, which included a total of 86 short stories. They then went on to release a second volume in 1814 and gathered an additional 70 stories to incorporate. Eventually, many more editions were published and after including additional stories as well as subtracting some, the translated English version became known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales (p. 8).
Short stories often begin with the death of another human being. Using Cinderella as an example, Cinderella mourns when her mother tragically dies early on in the story. In a 2000 article, Hohr discusses how one of the main problems that Cinderella has to face is the loss of her mother and how she is going to
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