The Grimm Brothers: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Introduction: I chose to research fairytales, specifically fairytales by the Grimm brothers. Fairytales are short stories that tend to consist of fantasy people, places, and objects. Many of these consist of fairies or magical creatures. Most fairy tales start off with “Once upon a time”, or “In a faraway land”. Many times in fairytales objects are enchanted and can talk or move. The most common characters in a fairy tale are prince and princess. A lot of fairy tales are retold throughout generations. As a child I was told fairy tales as bedtime stories. I grew to love Disney movies which are popular for remaking fairytales such as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. To this day I still enjoy remade fairy tales such as “Rapunzel” which was…show more content…
In “Sleeping Beauty”, there is an evil fairy that is portrayed as a magic character. These characteristics have been common throughout fairytales for as long as people can remember. “Fairytales, as they exist today, took shape in sixteenth-century Italy” (Bottigheimer, par. 11) The Grimm brothers were known for creating fairytales for children but scrutinized for them being so gruesome. “Friends and associates of the Grimm brothers expressed their concern over the exposure of children to the household tales” (Einfeld 81). Although the Grimm brothers saw their stories as educational and having morals, many argue that the stories were not appropriate for children and should not be told to them. The Grimm brothers did start an argument though stating, “Fright was seen as an effective disciplinary measure for children” (Einfeld 91). By freighting kids they would learn lessons from their fairytales and remember them as they grew older. Frightening acts took place in many of the Grimm tales such as Rapunzel’s lover becoming blind by the evil Gothel while trying to visit her in the tower. The fairytales that the Grimm brothers created have over time been retold in less gruesome manner to educate children and provide entertainment. Fairytales by the Grimm brothers were not only gruesome but also have a common characteristic of most fairytales, which is having evil characters or villains that are played by a women figure. This theme has been around since the earliest
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