The Grimm Brothers Version Of Rapunzel Can Be Viewed As

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The Grimm Brothers version of Rapunzel can be viewed as gruesome, filled with deception and abandonment from start to finish. Which is why these two examples can be seen as the main narratives in this fairy tale. Rapunzel was forced to live a lonely life, locked away from civilization in which she had no control over, due to her parent’s mistake of trading their own daughter for some rampion. Rapunzel’s moral rights were not being respected, this is where The Rights Approach ethical standard comes to view, which states that “humans should have the ability to choose freely what they want to do with their lives” (Behrens, Rosen 276). To sacrifice something is to give up something personal for the sake of something worthier. We can see an…show more content…
Until one day a prince was riding his horse by the tower and heard Rapunzel sing a beautiful song with her magical voice; not knowing how to climb up the tower he waited and eventually saw the enchantress ask Rapunzel to let down her hair so she could climb up. The prince waited until the enchantress had left to climb up and meet the girl with the enchanted voice. The prince being the first man she ever saw or spent time with, made Rapunzel fall in love with him rather quickly now that she finally had someone to attached herself emotionally. The prince had promised Rapunzel that he would help her escape one day. The Rights Approach is the best ethical standards that explains the kind of life Rapunzel is forced to live. As stated above, she was locked away, where she had no human encounters, other than when the enchantress came to visit. Rapunzel was told how to live her life, she was constantly being lied to, and although she was locked away by herself, she did not have any privacy, since the enchantress could visit whenever she felt like it. All of these examples are moral rights that were not being respected. Sadly, one day the enchantress found out about the prince visiting one day, and banished Rapunzel to a desert. Where she would live the rest of her life in misery, but not before cutting her gorgeous long hair off. The enchantress used Rapunzel’s hair to deceive the prince. Deception is

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