The Grimpoteuthis: The Dumbo Octopus

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his is the Grimpoteuthis or also know as the Dumbo Octopus. The Dumbo Octopus is the deepest known living octopus species. It got its name from the Disney character Dumbo. The Grimpoteuthis have been found in New Zealand and Australia, Monterey Bay, California, Oregon, Philippines and in Papua, New Guinea. They live on the seafloor or just barely hovering above the bottom at depths of 3000 to 4000 m (9800 to 13000 ft), with some living as deep as 7,000 m (23000 ft) below sea level. The Dumbo Octopus can move several different ways, they can flap their Dumbo ear-like fins to get moving or by shooting water through their funnel cause a sudden thrust, useful for escaping a predator. They have adapted to the intense pressure and cold temperatures
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