The Grizzly Reality Of Trophy Hunting

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The Grizzly Reality of Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is defined as the selective hunting of select species of hunting game for human recreation and not as a way to get food, even though parts of the animals may be consumed. The animal or part of it is kept as a trophy or proof of achievement. Trophy hunters have a code called the fair chase code, this code ensures that the hunter will give the animal they are hunting a fair chase and allow it to escape if the hunter does not have the skill required to kill the animal. By adopting this code the hunter also agrees to allow the animal to use its senses in order to give the animal a fair chance at survival. The hunter also promises not to use illegal methods to hunt such as banned traps that …show more content…

Another observation made by Bass is that the projected estimate of a population growth of 132 to 1,800 is just that an estimation. As Bass stated “ bears do not sit down for a census”(Bass 2). If grizzly bears are listed there is a chance that hunters will accidently over hunt bears once again. If bears are delisted it will not be because the bears will be ready it will be because hunters have been persistently asking for the chance to hunt. If bears are delisted it can be years before they can be relisted and by then it may be far too late. Hunters argue that if the Department of Fish and Wildlife declare the grizzly population stable then they should be allowed to hunt the bears. As of now the Department of Fish and Wildlife has declared the grizzly population stable at a nearly doubled population from that in the 70’s. As stated by an avid hunter “ If Yellowstone 's bear population falls precipitously after delisting, the federal government can come back in and declare the bears endangered again”. With positive support from the Department of Fish and Wildlife it seems grizzlies will soon be fair game. Grizzlies are not the only animals in danger of being hunted for trophies to the extent of possible extinction. In a study done by an organization called the Dodo they found that trophy

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