The Grocery Store

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Who would have thought that by opening up a single grocery store in the early 1900s, it would give the ability for someone to open up over 60 more in less than ten years. In today’s business market, it is nearly impossible to open up 60 grocery stores in Toronto in less than 10 years. The reason being is that the grocery retail industry is now becoming or has become an Oligopoly. When one is walking through the streets of Canada looking at places to shop for groceries, one may stumble across several options of grocery stores to choose from. Often people question whether to buy their groceries either at No frills, Fortinos, Real supermarket or Loblaws. For many, the question is simply answered by choosing the store nearest to the comfort of their home. Over time, customers become loyal to the store for many different reasons, it often has to do with the experience offered at a certain chain and loyalty programs. Many of these loyal customers will not buy from other supermarkets unless they are away from home where their preferable store is not convenient. Not every Canadian customer is aware that Loblaw Companies Limited, the single largest Canadian food retailer owns many of the different supermarkets out there. This paper will prove that the Loblaw Companies Limited has is constantly trying new things in order to maintain and improve success and will also be outlining the history, organizational structure, target market, store design and the retail strategy of the company.
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