The Ground Sinking Of The Central Valley

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“The Ground Sinking in the Central Valley” Groundwater is one of the most important natural resource in the nation, specifically in the Central Valley. In California, many people are pumping a lot more water because of the California drought and groundwater is a good resource for the farmers to harvest their crops. However, the main issue today is that in the Central Valley is that the land is sinking faster and faster due to the demand of pumping more water from the ground. The ground sinking in California isn’t recent, but it has been going an ongoing issue for over decades. Therefore, the land sinking has background history, but many studies and researchers didn 't take it as a warning until recently, and as a result it has been getting worse. The land sinking occurring in the Central Valley can cause damages to our communities such as bridges and roads cracking and can even go as far as cracking irrigation canals. These damages can cost millions of dollars to recover and rebuilding damages. On the other hand, the ground sinking has already destroyed canal linings, which will cost millions of dollars to repair. With that being the case, imagine all the other damages that the ground sinking will cause and cost to fix them. For these reasons, the state of California needs to start finding possible solutions to prevent the ground sinking from further sinking and to prevent more damages to the Central Valley. Solutions that might include encouraging the community to
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