The Grounds Of The Arena

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Taxpayer can also bring a claim against the owner of the arena, the City of Milwaukee, for failing to maintain the arena in a reasonably safe condition for spectators. Generally, the owner of a sports venue must use reasonable care to protect spectators from the harm that exists due to the sports event. However, extent of protection depends on the venue and the inherent risks of the sport. For example, determining if a golf course is in a reasonably safe condition includes considering its design, protections for spectators, and the manner in which the coarse is operated. In baseball it is generally accepted that owners of stadiums owe a duty to protect spectators seating behind home plate and on the baseline from foul balls. Further, under Wisconsin’s safe place statute employer’s are required to maintain a premises for frequenters in as safe as a condition that the nature of the premise will permit. In Powless v. Milwaukee County the Supreme Court of Wisconsin found baseball spectators to be frequenters, requiring baseball stadiums under the safe place statute to be maintained in as safe as a condition as a stadium use for baseball can be. This includes putting up backstops and other protected areas for spectators.
It is likely that the safe place statute would apply to the Milwaukee Does arena, and thus the City of Milwaukee as the owner. A basketball arena differs from a baseball stadium or gold course in that there is a great deal more certainty where the ball…
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