The Group Report : A Problem Of Small Group And Writing Processes

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In business programs, it is inevitable to be a part of a team and work on a group report. In “The Group Report: A Problem in Small Group or Writing Processes?,” Janis Forman and Patricia Katsky studied how MBA students worked on group reports. Forman is a composition specialist, and Katsky is a social psychologist (Forman and Katsky 23). They concluded that when a group report is badly written it cannot be determined if this is due to problems in group processes, problems in writing process, or a combination of both. On the other hand, well written reports often “represent the team’s successful working through of both small group and writing problems (23).”
The second year of the GSM Management Field Study Program students must form teams,
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Poor conflict management, personality differences and unresolved emotional issues, and poor client management are all problems that might occur throughout a group project (Forman and Katsky 25). Poor conflict management happens when teams are unable to resolve issues. Teams avoid conflict and agree on decisions that they may internally disagree on. This can build up resentment. Each team member has different needs, styles, and agendas (Forman and Katsky 25). The student’s motivation on a project can range from a mere requirement to a personal task. Work styles vary in small group situations. Some students are very structured and scrupulous, while others may be more creative and less organized.
Different agendas can also cause conflict in groups. Forman and Katsky gave an example that one student might be excited to work with a team of high achievers, but that student may also hide his or her struggles with the project to avoid looking incompetent in front of the team (Forman and Katsky 25). Poor client management pertains to the team’s relationship with the organization they are doing the project with. Both parties can cause difficulties for each other.
Some conflicts specifically occur early on in the assignment. When a team does not know each other, they will have imperfect knowledge of each other’s capabilities. This can be a problem because individuals may be assigned to tasks they are not competent in. Another conflict is finding a leader. Sometimes a leader
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