The Group Rules And Norms

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GROUP RULES AND NORMS Group rules and norms: Clients are encouraged to participate in discussion about group rules and norms in order to feel safe, open up, and share in the group process. Group members will be encouraged to develop a list that includes confidentiality, shared time, listening, no interrupting, assertiveness, and expressing needs. Rules, norms, and boundaries relate to healthier relationships. ________________________________________ WELLNESS Stress Management: Clients will receive information about the stress response, causes of stress, and affective management of acute and chronic stress. Clients will be encouraged to identify primary stressors and coping skills to effectively manage them. Relaxation: Clients will be encouraged to participate in mediation techniques, which include trigger points, mindfulness, and deep breathing techniques. Nutrition: Foods and substances that cause stress, anxiety, and depression: Clients will learn about pseudostressors hidden in foods and legal drugs that cause anxiety, depression, and contribute to negative mental health symptoms. Will distribute handouts with lists of pseudostressors . Holistic: Benefits of exercise, nutrition, and meditation/mindfulness. Clients will learn about the benefits of exercise, which increases endorphins and reduces stress hormones. Will also demonstrate the benefits of nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness. Deep diaphragmatic breathing: Clients will learn the
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