The Growing Cases Of Burglaries

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In response to the growing cases of burglaries, the police have come up with problem-oriented and community-oriented policing as the major strategies for investigating and curbing burglaries. The belief in employing problem-based policing is that the more the number of officers, the higher the chances of identifying the causes of breaking and entering and subsequent reduction of this crime. As such, there are a number of factors that have been identified as contributing to increasing cases break-ins. For instance, the location of a business or residential facility greatly influences the probability of burglary. Ideally, disadvantaged inner-city neighborhoods are more likely to experience break-ins than small towns and rural areas (Plant & Scott, 2009). In this case, police officers focus their efforts on these inner-city localities which are more susceptible to breaking and entering.
The nature of the premise in terms of its proximity to people determines whether such a premise is likely to be broken into. For stand-alone business and residential areas, the probability of being attacked by burglars is very high as compared to that of premises that experience continuous flow of people. Ideally, in areas where buildings are many and are constantly surrounded by people surveillance is very high thus making it less likely for intruders to attack. It, therefore, follows that police officers increase security and surveillance in stand-alone premises. For problem-oriented
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