The Growing Concerns On Privacy

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The growing concerns on privacy are rapidly changing. Though a new worry in the online world, these troubles with privacy violations have existed far before the Internet was even invented. It used to be abnormal to hand out personal information, like an address or birthdate; however, now these are the blanks that users fill out on almost every social media site they join. The information that is gladly given away, used to be protected for fear of identity theft. So what has dramatically changed in order to change these morals? Some believe that the invention of the Internet has caused people to believe that they are safe behind the screen. They place false hope and trust in social media, so the question is where these accusations are originating from. Have these privacy disgruntlements been thrown away over the hopes of achieving some sort of online popularity persona? Or is the generation stuck inside a online labyrinth that entices sharing rather than secrets?
[AP] Privacy has become a very skewed concept in the eyes of the Facebook community. Individuals take what they would normally consider private information, and display within the profile outline for Facebook. What is considered sensitive information and private personal stories, people share and repost to their walls. Facebook uses what the “federal law considers so private [that it can’t] be just in job interviews; such as age, sex, birthplace, religion. “ (Grimmelmann, The Privacy Virus) So why is this…
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