The Growing Epidemic Of Americ Childhood Obesity

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The growing epidemic in America: Childhood Obesity She has a round face and curly locks of dirty blonde hair that trail slightly past her shoulders. She has an infectious laugh, a flamboyant personality, and commonly says cheeky remarks without any restriction. She also has a distinctive southern accent. But perhaps, the most memorable aspect about her is the deprecating eating habits that she habitually follows. She is the one and only sensationalized reality TV show star, Alana Thompson or “Honey Boo Boo” as they call her in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. In society, she is a controversial and infamous example of a child that developed obesity due to parental feeding. Currently, Alana Thompson is trying to lose weight after being diagnosed as obese. Her BMI classifies her as obese, but this is no surprise considering her unhealthy eating practices. During beauty pageants, her mother provides her with a concoction of Mountain Dew and Red Bull to drink, which she calls “Go Go Juice” to give her the extra energy to help her become a pageant queen. When she is not drinking “Go Go Juice”, she consumes an overwhelming amount of junk foods like Oreos and chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, though this is not an individual case in society. According to Parental Feeding and Childhood Obesity in Preschool Age Children: Recent Findings from the Literature by Mary E. Thompson, childhood obesity is becoming more prominent due to parental influences and practices. Evidently, parental
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