The Growing Importance Of Ethical Business Managers

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The Growing Importance of Ethical Business Managers
Julia Shaw & Hillary Shaw (2010) describe that the need for ethical business managers and practices has never been greater. Recent financial scandals have exposed issues in the management decision-making process, suggesting a need to develop the necessary analytical and empathetic qualities so future corporate leaders may be moral managers (Julia Shaw & Hillary Shaw, 2010). This recent pattern of business misconduct (Michaelson, 2015) and single-minded pursuit of profit has made the promotion of ethical values a key concern for modern business organizations (Julia Shaw & Hillary Shaw, 2010). This paper will discuss how literary fiction (i.e. novels, literature, narrative, fiction, drama, comics) can help organizations develop ethical managers by discussing (1) the growing importance of ethical business managers (2) the benefits of a novel approach to business ethics, and (3) the moral value of literary fiction to business.
During the past few years, many companies have seen their reputations plummet in the wake of various corporate scandals (Julia Shaw & Hillary Shaw, 2010). With this context of an amoral and inept set of global management practices, Julia Shaw & Hillary Shaw (2010) propose the need for a new breed of manager, namely the moral manager. While Eastwood describes that “leadership is an essentially moral act,” he elaborates that there is a disconnection between this notion and the behavior of some business
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