The Growing Problem of College Dropouts

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In America, there is a growing problem of college dropouts, which if left untreated for even a generation, will be detrimental to not only educational standards, but also the country’s ability to maintain its competitive edge in the financial markets, technological advancements, and fields of academia. This problem with dropout rates seem to lie in a large percentage of students who do not know what they want to do or have the motivation and direction to achieve higher educational goals. Therefore, In order to curb this rising decline, undecided students will need more commitment from the school’s administration. Undecided students need more outreach and connection programs in order to build better relations between themselves and the administrative bodies to smoothly direct students to the career that is best suit for them. A good example of a student council making a difference in the student body can be seen at Columbia University in 2013 where the Insight Party set clear and attainable goals for students such as decreasing the council’s operational budget by twenty percent and reallocating the funds into student programs and creating a more transparent system. Therefore, as Columbia University has shown, more involvement on the student council’s part can have positive effects on the students in their ambitions. Expanded academic advising is also needed. With centrally trained and selected advisers, Florida State University has set up advising centers that provide
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