Essay on The Growing Problem of Terrorism and Terrorists

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Individuals often establish belief systems in regard to attitudes, behaviors, religions, and other areas based on beliefs and practices that they accepted during the early stages of maturation when many of their interactions were influenced by their families, who both supported and practiced the same traditions. In America the customary stance toward these varied opinions is to view them with tolerance, regardless of how strange or wrong the belief or action might seem. While individually people may disagree with the beliefs of other people, under ordinary circumstances, most Americans would either offer friendly advice or completely ignore situations that would not lead to dangerous or deadly outcomes. However, it seems to me that some …show more content…
The Taliban, a Muslim terrorist organization in Afghanistan, believes that girls should not be educated. They consider this to be so important that in October, 2012, a member of this organization shot a fourteen-year-old girl named Malala Yousufzai for saying that girls had the right to be educated. Actions such as these are labeled terrorism in the United States because the Taliban demands obedience to its lifestyle style choices, and if obedience is not forthcoming, they are willing to kill or hurt people of all ages who do not accept their extremist viewpoints. Groups who are willing to use extreme punishment or kill for their belief systems can reasonably be labeled terrorists.

Terrorists are also found in politics. Because each country of the world has the right to establish its own brand of governmental practices, governments around the world have different procedures and rules that make certain actions legal and others illegal. The different approaches for establishing regulations for the behaviors of people who live within the boundaries of different nations frequently lead to unrest and threats of war between countries that practice ideals that are not compatible with one another. At present, North Korea and the United States are at odds with one another over political paradigms, models for government: North Korea is communistic, while America is a
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