The Growth And The Complexity Of Thought Within Humans

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There are a lot of characteristics that define “us” as humans. We have a larger brain, the ability to have and maintain a strong, straight posture for an extended amount of time, dexterous hands, the skill to use our facial muscles to our advantage in order to express our emotions, the potential to solve complex problems and relate with one another. Furthermore, what it means it means to be human stems from our greater social complexity, prolonged postnatal dependence, the command of symbolic language, and the strength humans possess in comparative and developmental psychology by being able to read, relate, and imagine the mind of others. We are very complex creatures. Specifically, this paper is going to focus on the growth and the complexity of thought within humans. Since humans had to adapt to the environmental difficulties of the time, their bodies, along with their brains started growing and evolving into a more complex machine. With this growth, human brains, were now able to process and store more information. This became especially useful when encountered in a dangerous and/or unfamiliar situation. An individual could learn and process what to do or what not to do and store this information then recall this information when found in a similar predicament.
What I think is the most important adaptation from the course of human evolution that distinguishes us from other hominins and primates is complex thought. With complex thought, humans are able to do incredible
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