The Growth Of Low Income Families

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Introduction: Urban neighborhoods with low-income households have always struggled with providing their schools enough resources. Without enough resources schools many students will inevitably develop the mindset that they are not worthy of a higher education. The success of any student relies on a strong and supportive connection between home and school. This is an issue of class that stems from both the home and the school. Due to a majority of low-income families in the urban aream it makes it very difficult for them to support their children in school. Therefore it would also make it more difficult to support the schools in their community. The cycle of low-income families is a continuous cycle in urban neighborhoods. Students are discouraged to pursue education because of the lack of resources at home and school. They can either turn to life on the street or take on low wage jobs in order to support themselves and their family. When taking this path the give up the opportunity of a higher education putting them in the same situation as their parents of having low wage incomes. Higher education is the key of breaking out of this cycle. Students in low-income households will need to understand that although not having enough resources is a major problem, pursuing a higher education will give them a better chance to be successful in the future. The Home and Family The problem of inadequate resources begins with the family. After the recent recession, people are
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