The Growth Of Online Sales

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Today, the traditional way of trade has undergone drastic changes. It is not possible to present the major retailers whose sales only in the store without online. More and more companies are changing their strategy towards online sales and move on to the combined sales channels.
There are several main reasons for this phenomenon.
The projected volume of online sales grows at double-digit, while the growth of not on-line sales slowed down dramatically. The retailing trade association estimates that 21% of retail sales in UK now take place online. This number is the highest in the world. More and more people prefer to shop via their mobile device.
The situation raises the question of how these changes affect the financial
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Recently, due to the financial and economic crisis has increased interest in the problems of finance. Much less space in the work of economic studies has the problem of circulation, including retailers. Meanwhile, in this sector, which plays a huge role in the sale of goods and economic development in general, there are major changes that deserve special analysis.
Recently, widely developed modern methods of retail goods have become popular. About the sale of goods via the Internet was written a little and did not have enough evidence on this subject, but Internet commerce has been very attractive to consumers - and to its growth helped the recent economic crisis, when most customers have started to switch to online purchases to keep savings.
It is important to clarify, due to the fact that the internet is not so long used in daily life, this problem has been little studied in the economic literature.
"Over the last 10 - 15 years Internet retail sales in the European countries has been continuously increasing, and in 2014 its turnover amounted to about 132 billion pounds; at the current rate of growth in 2016 turnover of e-commerce will grow to 170 - 172 billion pounds, and will reach more than 15% of total turnover."
More and more online stores come in a variety of industries and traditional retailers are rapidly gone into a global network.
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