The Growth Of The Australian Economy Essay

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1. Introduction Suggesting any economic or policy reforms to the Australian Economy requires us to understand the evolution of an economy and the factors effecting it both intrinsically and globally. But even if we understand the changes, how can we compare the before and the after? What are the best parameters in doing so? What phenomenon is followed globally? This just summarizes one aspect of the essay which is followed by policy recommendations by the author in the later half. Though with the limited knowledge of the subject and experience the author has suggested a policy recommendation which aims at resolving existing or possible budding economic issues for Australia. 2. Limitations Considering vastness of the study and limitations of words and understanding, the author has tried to cover most of the parameters to judge the Australian economy in relation to the global economy trends and its implications. However, some of the newer areas of economic development have not been covered, specially in relation to the Australian economy. One of the most economically disruptive phenomenon is that of Bitcoin and its implications on the global economy. There are several other parameters and phenomenon that could not be covered by the Author in relation to limitation of time and words. 3. Economy a deeper understanding The Best Way To Asses an Economy Irrespective of which country you belong to, the best way to assess economic goals is to stop pause and look at where the

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