The Growth Of The Aviation Industry

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The objective of this essay is to examine the growth of the aviation industry, the changes and developments that have transpired, the implications of this changes and how it has affected the demand for air travel. Also, with evidence from current research materials, this essay will show how future innovations will impact commercial aviation.
Aviation or Air travel began as far as the 6th century, where the Chinese and the Greek used kites and other primitive measures to attain flying. This industry has gone through some historical developments from “ The dream of flight, the revolutionary period, the military advantage, heroic challenges, the battle for the Skies, the Passenger Jet and the Computer age” (Edmunds, 2012). Historians believe
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From 1914, Commercial aviation has undergone a lot of changes from military planes (Military Logistic Aircrafts) to civilian airplanes.
Civilian Commercial airlines grew at a tremendous rate, with different types of Aircrafts and upgrades coming into the market, to provide stability and better performance. These upgrades grew from 1958 till present. The world has noticed changes from the De Haviland Comet, the Vikers VC 10 and many more until the Boeing 707 was developed. The series of Boeings have been noted as one of the most successful air planes the world as ever seen. Along side the Boeing series came the Airbus in 1982, which was the first Airline (Airbus 320) built to accept the computer age.
In these 100 years of commercial aviation, a lot of changes and developments have emerged. Most of these changes have been based on different factors to improve passenger demands, health and safety issues and the demands of the aviation business. The most pressing concern for the aviation industry before the development of the Boeings and the computer age was that of health and safety.
There were several crashes in the late 1920s involving catastrophic failures of aircrafts (Hansen et. al, 2005). An example of such aircrafts was the development of the Graf Zeppelin airships. In response to this series of accidents, new requirements for pilots, cabin crews, strict government regulation on airlines, airport designs, inspections and even the development of better
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