The Growth Of The Aviation Industry

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The objective of this essay is to examine the growth of the aviation industry, the changes and developments that have transpired, the implications of this changes and how it has affected the demand for air travel. Also, with evidence from current research materials, this essay will show how future innovations will impact commercial aviation.
Aviation or Air travel began as far as the 6th century, where the Chinese and the Greek used kites and other primitive measures to attain flying. This industry has gone through some historical developments from “ The dream of flight, the revolutionary period, the military advantage, heroic challenges, the battle for the Skies, the Passenger Jet and the Computer age” (Edmunds, 2012). Historians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first pioneers of air travel, but this had shortcomings, as these airplanes could not support the weight of human beings.
The world did not have any major break through in aviation until the innovations of the “Wright brothers”. These brothers were able to solve some of the problems their former predecessors had. They were able to address control problems and they taught themselves to fly with three experimental big plane gliders, each fitted with warp able wings for lateral control and all moving fore planes for pitch control (Malcolm and Eugene, 2002).
During this revolution period from the 18th century, a lot of technology began like the introduction of the Flap-Type control surfaces, the Wright…
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