The Growth Of The Coffee Industry

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The growth of the coffee industry is expected to keep growing even become larger in the near future. Without new innovation the industry would never grow. There have been some tiny and some large changes in the coffee world that in toll add up to a new experience that many cannot refuse to be a part of. One of the goals of many coffee shops is to make the customer comfortable and happy. To do this many Starbucks’ around the world have installed new wireless charging stations in there stores so that when costumers are there they can easily charge their phones without worrying about bringing a charger of their own. This new addition to the stores is just one part of getting ready for the future. Phones and technology in general is a huge part of everyday life and this has to be incorporated into many places people shop. By adding technology to stores it makes the entire buying process more streamline. Starbucks has also integrated the use of phones in to the payment system at every store. Customers use their own phone that has a barcode to pay for their goods. With just the touch of a button the entire buying process can be completed. This makes it easy because you do not need to worry about remembering your wallet all you need is your phone and many people already have it with them. Included in the app is also a rewards system that provides user with rewards bases on how often they go and even recommendations for what a customer may enjoy next time. One of the newest changes
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