The Growth of China's Economy Essay

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Since the reform and opening up, the economy of China grows significantly, as an emerging economy, China's economy has made tremendous contributions to the global economy, and Renminbi has become one of the most important currency in the world. According to the survey conducted by China National Bureau of Statistics found that from 1979 to 2012, China has attained an annual average growth rate of 9.8% for its national economy, while the annual average growth of the world economy is only 2.8 % during the same period. In past 30 years, China's GDP surpassed Japan’s, China became the world 's second largest economy, in addition, the huge total volume of trade makes China become the world 's largest trading nation. The contribution of China’s…show more content…
These effective strategies helped Hong Kong overcome the financial crisis. All these facts fully demonstrated that China is a responsible big country. After the Asia financial crisis, the importance of China's economy has been brought into focus; China's neighboring countries have begun to recognize the influence of the Renminbi. 2008 financial crisis caused severe trauma on the world economy, although the economy of China grew moderately, China 's financial system is very fragile, the financial laws and regulations are deficient, the structure of foreign change reserve is very risky, because China has huge foreign exchange reserve of US dollar, which makes China also suffer from the financial crisis. Financial crisis is caused by the American subprime mortgage, to combat the financial crisis, the United States issued a substantial amount of U.S. dollars, which makes the U.S. dollar depreciate continuously, and this action makes many countries that have great amount of foreign exchange reserves in U.S. dollars suffer huge losses. China has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world, in 2008, China’s foreign exchange reserves had reached $ 2 trillion, the continues devaluation of the U.S. dollar make China suffered a lot, thus the international capital system based on U.S. dollars has been questioned, China and other countries that also hold a huge amount of U.S. dollars started to build a new international capital structure. In 2011, China, Japan
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