The Growth of Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is a modern day career that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of public structures. Civil engineering helps the public to have a more efficient life. It mainly deals with the roads, bridges, buildings and waterways which the public uses. One who wants to pursue a career in civil engineering should know why civil engineers are needed, what civil engineers do, and how to become a successful engineer. Civil engineering is a broad term which covers several specialty areas of engineering. The term was first coined to separate the public engineering and the military engineering. However, civil engineering can be defined as a career which applies knowledge to meet the needs of our changing society. Civil engineers work with everyday structures in public lives. They use their problem solving abilities to apply to buildings for better public use. Civil engineers also use available technology to enhance the efficiency of their product. Overall, civil engineering helps the public do what they do, and it helps them to do it better. Whether it is crossing the bridge on the way into work every morning or riding the elevator up into one’s office on the 26th floor of a glass skyscraper, civil engineering made this possible. Even though the term civil engineering has only been in existence for some decades, the job came into existence several thousand years ago. As society emerged from their nomadic lifestyles and started to form
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