The Growth of a Woman’s Consciousness: Women´s Movement

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“To do something very common, in my own way” :
The Growth of a Woman’s Consciousness
The history of human civilization has taken centuries to form and it continues to evolve every instant. There has never been talk of a ‘man’s civilization’ or a ‘woman’s civilization’ which is evidence of the fact of both man and woman starting from the same platform. The difference, nevertheless, has been in the trajectory of the evolution of these sub-species. What, however, could have caused this distinction?
The divide between the public and the private spheres has much to do with the formation of the categories of ‘man’ and ‘woman’. It is these spheres that have long determined the status of both and it is no suspense that the public has been
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They never thought that whatever they became was in turn poured back into the personal world and enriched it, that they were enriching their children, […] their husband, […] their neighbors. […] for woman it was worse because she was not expected to produce in the first place. She was not expected to create. Culture […] didn’t demand anything of her except the fulfillment of her personal duties. So this was not an incentive for woman to develop whatever gift she had. (37- 38)
This impetus of culture, thus, led to a loss of impetus towards creation (creation in the sense of- ‘to create’ anything) in the case of women. It led, also, to what may be called “the split” (Rich 194) in women- the split between who they were expected to be and who they really were. What made it all the more complex was the lingering of this question at the back of women’s minds- did they themselves know who they really were? This is obviously a question that would haunt, and haunt so immensely that after a point it would lead to an identity crisis. And that is the point where the women’s movement really started from. This point of explosion becomes integral as a point of correspondence and reference lest the movement should go astray and lose its essence. Man is driven to competition and to win. Woman has been driven the other way- not to compete and not to

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