The Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

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On a hot summer day in July, I’ve flown all the way to Cuba not for the sights, but I’ve been given the opportunity to interview one of the contributors behind the terrorist plot that struck the nation back in 2001. The plot I’m referring to the was the infamous “9/11” attack which struck so many Americans at their very core as this was the largest known terrorist plot to ever hit the United States. On that frightful day, there were approximately 3,000 people who perished on September 11 and another 18,000 victims who, till this day are suffering injuries due to dust inhalation from the towers collapsing. As I proceed through numerous checkpoints to enter one of the most secured military facilities, many inmates, as well as America,…show more content…
The base was originally intended to house Haitian and Cuban refugees prior to GITMO being declared unconstitutional in 1993, but since 2002 however, the base has been largely used as a detention center or prison camp for detainees who were considered enemy combatants and for whom normal legal rules and protections did not apply. Now that I finally made it past the perimeter, I was escorted to a open waiting area similar to what is seen in many correctional institutes where family members are ushered in to see their loves ones during visiting hours. I sat there waiting to meet with Omar Al-Bayoumi, a Saudi man who had been living in the United States for several years and he is also known as the “front man” who helped orchestrate the attack on “9/11”. A few moments later, I witness Omar being escorted into the waiting area by two military members. Omar is dressed in one of the orange jumpsuits many of the inmates are made to wear, along with the Quran in his right hand. Once Omar and I were face to face, I introduced myself as a reported with Time Magazine and I thanked him for meeting with me. Surprisingly Omar was pleasant and friendly upon our encounter, given the circumstances and welcomed the opportunity to speak with me and answer all of my questions for the duration of the interview. We both sat down and I conducted my interview by asking a few basic questions in order for me to discover what type of man Omar was. I
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