The Guard Vs Creon Analysis

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“If Creon finds out from someone else how will you escape from getting hurt” (Guard) The Guard was feeling all types of ways. He was scared, Worried, and frightened for his own life. He didn’t want Creon to find out from anyone else for his safety. Creon would of hurt him if he didn’t find out from him. Well Overall Creon just tells the guard to go and the guard “Hopes he’s found” The guard and Creon are nothing alike. They are two different people. Creon basically tells the guard what to do. Creon ask “ what’s happening that made you so upset”. The guard responds “I want to tell you first about myself, I didn’t do it and i didn’t see it” The guard didn’t want too get blamed for something he didn’t do nor see. The Guard proves he didn't’ do
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