The Guardian Article, By Glenn Greenwald

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In the Guardian article, Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration, authored by Glenn Greenwald, he and others depict the Obama administration as the most secretive and the worst “ever on issues of national security and press freedom’” (Greenwald, 2013, np.). Yet, the United States government’s aggressive efforts to control information, thwart accountability reporting, maintain national security secrets, and the persecution of government whistleblowers, is not new, nor is it unique to the Obama administration. The practice of attempting to expand and concentrate power in the executive branch of government is historically consistent with past administrations. In my opinion, the Obama administration’…show more content…
The executive branch of the government may need to keep certain information secret, but to claim certain information secret under the guise of national security or executive privilege because it may reveal misconduct or embarrassing information about the government’s actions is fundamentally wrong and should be impermissible. Today, it seems like the aggrandizement of the power of the executive branch of government trumps all else. This concentration of power in the executive branch is not what the framers intended nor is it consistent with the Articles of the Constitution of the United States. Over time, despite the fact that the Constitution provides the president with only a few specific and enumerated powers, presidential authority has greatly expanded. Previous government administrations have seized opportunities arising during crises such as the Civil War, World War I and II, and the contemporary War on Terror to further expand the scope of executive power. While this expansion of presidential power has been facilitated by Congressional action in certain instances, the executive’s authority expansion is to a greater extent the product of presidential unilateral action based on broad interpretations of enumerated
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