Essay on The Guardians in Plato’s Republic

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Plato defines justice as "each social class doing what it has to do". Plato believed in natural division of individuals where each person is suitable for a specific task. He thought that for a society to succeed, its members have to work together for its general well being. Here, Plato defines three social classes that constitute a society: the guardians that have the wisdom; the auxiliaries that have the courage, and the workers that have the temperance. These three social classes are compared to the components of the soul that are the reason, the spirit, and the desire. Guardians are believed to represent the reason in the soul since they are supposed to use their minds in order to make the right decisions that will promote the well…show more content…
Guardians are considered to be the most rational or the rational party in Plato’s state. They are described as wise individuals that can ensure the welfare of their society. Actually, they are compared, in the Republic, to dogs for their strength, loyalty, intelligence and courage. They are believed to need strength in order to defend their territory and fight for it when it is needed. They also need loyalty to make fair judgments; intelligence to make wise decisions and courage to pursue goals. These characteristics constitute the main traits that good guardians should have because, according to Plato, they are supposed to establish justice in the society and take care of the interest of the state as dogs serve their owners’ with loyalty and protect their interest. Therefore, defending their fellows’ interest, involves high spirit and philosophical disposition that should be used to serve the other social classes. However, this should not make them aggressive or arrogant towards their fellows and neighbors. In the contrary, they should be gentle towards them which would require from them a love for learning and philosophical thinking. Nevertheless, a question rises about the way these guardians

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