The Guest Speaker

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She talked about trapping her friend in the bathroom and forcing her to learn math with the objects inside that bathroom. It sounds funny, but I bet that friend was probably a little scared in that moment. Or another story she told is how she was showing and once she was finished she decided to walk around the halls basically nude. Or bringing random men home to hang out, taking the car out without permission. All of these unsafe behaviors were basically done without anyone behind like the wheel and that 's frightening. Ultimately, I had a positive reaction to the guest speaker. Is it weird to say that she reminded me of several people in my family had they been treated for their own disorders? She was quirky and organically funny and that made it easy to listen to her story and empathize with her. From her I learned that if handled correctly people who have Bi-polar disorder can go years without a manic phase. This has always been a gray area for me, the only person I’ve even been in contact with that had bipolar disorder was my cousin and he never really stayed on his meds longer than a few months at a time, so it seemed like he wasn’t stable for long. But it makes sense that it’s more of a result of not having the medication in your system long enough to really see a huge difference. Since that same cousin of mine was known for violence I help a prejudgment that people with bipolar disorder where dangerous and a bit unpredictable and after taking this class and with this
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