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The Guide for Writing Word Documents in Microsoft Word for EasyChair Publication Andrei Voronkov1 and Kryštof Hoder1 1 University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K., Abstract In order to ease the lives of authors, editors, and trees, we present a manual and an example of the use of Microsoft Word and similar tools for creating documents for EasyChair-based electronic and on-paper publishing of workshop and conference proceedings. 1 Introduction The styles and parameters of this guide are designed for compliance with the requirements for publication in the EasyChair conference system (Voronkov, 2004), and are also applicable to the Procedia publications series by Elsevier Science. EasyChair is a…show more content…
The references (or the bibliography) section of the article is created by clicking on the Bibliography button in the References section of the ribbon control mentioned above (or under Bibliographies in the Document Elements tab of the ribbon control in Microsoft Word for Mac). After inserting this section, the style of its header should be set to References. The automatically generated References section may need to be explicitly updated to reflect further changes done in the bibliography. When clicking on the automatically generated text of the section, a Bibliography button will appear in the text and offer a menu with an update command. This feature is not available in Microsoft Word 2003, so if you are reading this guide as a Word 2003 XML document, citations and the bibliography will appear as a static text and will not be updated automatically. 4 Adding Figures and Tables In Microsoft Word, pictures can be inserted into the document by going to Insert->Picture->From File… on the menu and selecting the desired file. To simplify working with the image, it is recommended that you insert the picture into a text box. In order to make it into a figure and add a caption, select the image by clicking on it and then go to Insert->Caption… (or Insert->Reference->Caption… in earlier versions of Microsoft Word). From here, you can select the position of the caption (this should be set to below the image) and edit the text within it. Make sure
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