The Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nursing

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1. Explain the relationship between Codes of Ethics and Professional Identity?
The Code of Ethics and the Professional Identity assume a dependent relationship. Without one the other could not stand alone. When we search for the professional identity of a career we also look at how they were established and what boundaries do they follow. In nursing, as stated by the American Nurses Association “a code of ethics stands as a central and necessary mark of a profession”, (American Nurses Association, ANA, pg. xi). What this means is that without the rules of ethics in this profession we could not call ourselves “nurses” we would not be able to obtain boundaries in which our scope of practice is either limited or expanded. According to the ANA, when the standards of the nursing practice were developing boundaries, the nurses were told,” not permit their names to be used in connection with testimonials in the advertisements of its products”(ANA, ANA,, pg. xv). Telling nurses what they should not do and what they could do was a milestone that locked in the practice as an actual group with associated skills that were to be taken serious and an implementation the public could trust. Not only could the public gain trust for the nursing practice but the ethical code and professional identity also helped nurses protect themselves…

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