The Gulf Between By Andre Siegfried

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The Gulf Between was wrote by Andre Siegfried. It had a big purpose during the time it was written. The Gulf between was created to talk about the “new society” that America has created. Siegfried was a Frenchman who has been to America numerous times, and made the comment that the life in America has changed. The Gulf Between tells the reasons why American society has been changing and why they are now in a new society. The audience for this section of the book could be for European natives, American natives, history majors, or anyone who is wanting to learn about American and their new society. The Gulf Between, was a part of the Atlantic Monthly that was wrote in 1928. In 1928 Calvin Coolidge was the president of the United States. However, in November Herbert Hoover wins the presidential election and is to start his term. There were a few events that occurred in 1928. One of the most popular events was Amelia Earhart starting and succeeding to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The document was created in 1928, and published in 1928 as well. The dates mainly tells me that Andre Siegfried went to the United States in this year and the previous year and began to see changes in the society, as to why he is calling it a new society. The document is showing the reasons behind his thoughts and proof of the new society.
The document is written in the first person sense. Siegfried is stating the reasons why America has a “new society” There is not really an…
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