The Gun Control Debate in America

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Gun control has become a very hot topic of contention in America today. What seems to echo here are two words: “guns” and “crime”, in a sense that are these words mutually exclusive to each other? Does the use of guns ultimately lead to crime? On the flip side, have the laws in America restricting firearm use been effective enough to protect the lives of the citizens? These are some of the questions that strike the hearts of many when the gun control debate music is played. However, the debate about gun control is not new.
Guns as we know them to be are very powerful and dangerous weapons. They are instruments that can be used to inflict severe harm and can even lead to death. However, amidst this fact of
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Flowing from my analogy about the big pot, I would like to further present the American context that as we know has two main political ideologies, the republicans and the democrats. On one hand, history has shown that the republicans have for a long time supported the pro gun movement. The reason is because of their intrinsic nature of conservatism, and the fact that they are backed by the national rifle association which happens to be a key player in this debate. On the other hand, Democrats are known to be supporters of the gun control debate. This is because of the increased sale in guns after the 9/11 attacks; hence, they try to cavers on the issue. In this regard, it seems notable that the republicans are on the front row.
Now, from my little knowledge of political philosophy, government as a concept refers to a constituted body that helps to keep and protect the basic rights of its citizens, and also to make laws that ensure that everyone in the society is safe. Therefore, the gun control issue cannot be over emphasized for the American government or any other government on a larger scale. One of the questions surrounding the gun control debate in America is to ascertain whether or not the second amendment grants the freedom of firearm ownership to common citizens. The amendment however, seems to support the possession of firearm by the militia.
The social perspective has to do with the citizens and the society. In this regard,
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