The Gupta Era

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The Gupta Era began in 320 CE and lasted all the way to 520 CE. During this period, Buddhism was an influence for India. Buddhist monks that were disciples of the Buddhism religion influenced education, literature, and higher learning during the Gupta Era. This spreaded across all of Gupta Empire which gave the empire a religion to mainly focus on. The Gupta empire was founded by Maharaja Sri Gupta. Buddhism went from being a not noticeable religion to a wide know religion during the Gupta era because the Buddhist monks spreaded the religion. However, the Buddhist teachings remained the same. Buddhism itself came back as a sort of a revival back in the Guptas.”By the 4th to 5th century, Buddhism declined in India, even when it was achieving in Central Asia (“Guptas”).” During that time, it wasn’t like Buddhism had no effect in India. Buddhism imposed some if its teachings, culture, and traditions upon India, and without those changes, India wouldn’t be the same today. The beginning of Buddhism started it all. Buddhist missionaries would travel to China along routes that were near Southeast Asia. Since then, Buddhism had sparked a new spread of religion that many people were majorly influenced by, just like the Gupta empire in the Gupta Era.
First of all, the teachings of Buddhism stayed the same throughout the Gupta Era. Buddhism teaching was taught during the Gupta Era and spreaded a long throughout Asia. Buddhism was taught by the monks during the Gupta Era. They taught
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