The HP And Compaq: Q & Q.

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Refers to the attitude and behaviors that establish how a company's human resources and management interrelate and handle external business communication. Often, corporate culture is indirect, not particularly defined, and develops organically over time from the snowballing behavior of the people the company employ. A company's culture will be reproduce in its dress code, business hours, workplace setup, employee payback, turnover, hiring decisions, and conduct of clients, client fulfillment and every other feature of operations.( Bouwman,2013).
The HP and Compaq merger:
The largest technological deal in the history of the computer industry leader was when HP bought Compaq for US$ 24 billion in stock, which are combined operations more than 160 countries and more than 145,000 employees. HP-Compaq would offer the most set of product and results, as a result of the merger, HP’s shares fell by 11%.
The cause of the merge is to recover HP's market share across the hardware line and double the size of HP's service unit-both critical steps in being able to contend with industry-giant IBM. Moreover, they expect to produce a full-service technology firm capable of doing everything from selling PCs and printers to setting up complex networks. The
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The financial and market results of the companies deteriorated greatly and the CEO was incapable to accomplish the predictable and what she promised to accomplish from the merger. This poor culture fit resulted in years of harsh power struggle in the new company, and resulted in a loss of an estimated 13 billion dollars in market capitalization. Through the merger it was widely regarded as a failure, the company has hung on, and has been able to make significant culture and leadership changes that have resulted in long-term

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