The Habitability of Planets in the Universe Essay

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Are we alone in the universe? Is anything or anybody out there? These are age old questions, asked from people of all ages and races. But the first questions we need to ask are if it is even possible? Are there any other planets out there that are habitable? What does a planet need to be habitable? Without a habitable planet life cannot sustain in the universe, the search for life in the universe has been long and hard with no results proving life to exist outside of earth. The most predominant searchers of those at the SETI Institute or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute, a privately funded organization, that uses various methods to search for electromagnetic transmissions, the assumed method of contact, from distant…show more content…
This means a planet could have simple single cell organisms living on the surface or below it, but if they were not capable of evolving because of the planetary conditions the planet would not be considered habitable. Earth, our home, and the only confirmed planet to have life. What makes earth different from all the rest? There are six factors that make earth the habitable planet that it is now: water, temperature, atmosphere, energy, biogenic compounds and distance from a sun (What makes Earth Habitable). Earth has liquid water available on a continuous basis, which is placed in areas that prevent it all from evaporating or freezing. There is a temperature range adequate for living cells to live, around negative 15 degrees Celsius to 115 degrees Celsius. Temperatures to low and the reactions in living cells would happen to slow to support life, and to high proteins and genetic compounds would begin to break down. Temperature is also important to water, a temperature to hot and the water evaporates to low and it will freeze. Earth has a temperature that ranges between to the ends of the spectrum. An atmosphere that supports life on the surface of the earth needs to moderate and support seasonal temperatures and day to night changes. The atmosphere also needs to be dense enough to protect us from ultraviolet radiation. Earth has light energy from the sun as well as

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