The Habitat Of A Habitat Essay

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A habitat is the environment in which an organism, species, or community of animals lives and includes all living and nonliving factors or conditions in the surrounding environment (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008). There are numerous habitats located across different geographic regions and they are classified in various ways in order to compare them in all aspects. The organisms that are found in habitats have specific characteristics that allow them to survive and thrive within it, they have adapted to their habitat. With that being said, just because an organism can survive in one habitat does not mean they can survive in another- this if often called the animal’s “habitat requirement.” Animals are free to move and choose which habitat they live in, however their choices are made based on which habitat can benefit them most without providing many disadvantages. The habitats that will be explored by students throughout this unit of study include: grasslands, desert, forest, artic, and water (oceans, lakes, and ponds). For this reason, it is essential to not only have knowledge on the topic of habitats, but these habitats specifically. According to the article “Grasslands,” written by World Wild Life (WWF), the grasslands are often referred to by many names: prairies in North America, Asian steppes, savannas and veldts in Africa, Australian rangelands, and llanos and cerrados in South America. No matter what is type of habitat is referred to, they all have
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