The Habits Of Authentic Leadership

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Habits of Authentic Leadership
Stephen R. Covey has authored numerous leadership and personal growth books. This paper focuses on the book titled “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and its relation to the theory of authentic leadership as well as its application to nursing practice. All seven of the habits are valuable to nursing practice, enabling nurses to become more effective leaders and care providers. The habits applying to authentic leadership principles that will be discussed are begin with the end in mind, think win-win, synergize, and finally, sharpen the saw.
Authentic Leadership Authentic leadership is a modern leadership theory that is emerging with the concept that in order to lead, leaders must be true to
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Relationships are built and connections are established with others in order to strengthen the human bond (Shirey, 2006). Authentic leaders display self-discipline by establishing a balance among their personal and professional lives (Shirey, 2006). These characteristics apply to the following habits of effective people and can also be incorporated into nursing practice.
Begin With the End in Mind
One habit discussed in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is “Begin with the end in mind”, which is based on the concept of beginning every day and every task with a clear vision of the desired goals and direction while being proactive to make these happen. This habit is grounded on the ability to envision the future and define one’s personal, moral, and ethical guidelines which contribute to the attainment of the desired outcomes or destination (Covey, 2004).
This concept aligns with the characteristics of purpose and value in an authentic leader. Having this clear vision and drive to achieve outcomes is also an important in a quality nurse. Each nurse possesses their own personal, moral, and ethical frameworks and these direct how nurses will achieve their goals and which outcomes they desire. The ability to have a precise view of what one wants to accomplish would allow a nurse to follow his/her dreams and passions to achieve what they truly desire in the flexible field of
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