The Habits Of Highly Effective College Students

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The transition to college for students is very unique because there is so much change and everything seems to be moving faster than normal. It can often be difficult for students to adapt to this new lifestyle because for most students it is their first time away from home and they are being thrown into unfamiliar situations academically and socially. Luckily, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective College Students by Sean Covey provides insight on how to help alleviate a difficult transition and furthermore excel in the college lifestyle.
One step I learned I need to take in order to achieve the goals I have is I must win the private victory if I want to win the public victory. This means that as an undergraduate student, I need to prioritize
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In addition to thinking win-win, I will have to become a great listener and understand people before I express my thoughts. Personally, I believe this will be the greatest challenge for me because I am a very talkative and outgoing person and often times I interrupt without the intention of being rude; I just have so many questions or thoughts I cannot hold them in. Sharpening this habit will be something I need to pay very close attention to. The last piece to the puzzle when striving for public victory is learning to work well others because as the great Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games. But teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Although individual skills may bring you some initial success, working together with others can lead to greater accomplishments and greater reward. There is a plethora of opportunities to collaborate with others at UCSB, some of which I have already capitalized on such as applying to join AS as well getting a job in the Santa Barbara community. If I can step by step, day by day, work to accomplish these victories I will not only be prepared for anything life will throw me after my undergraduate career, but I also will have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at UCSB. One person that exhibits habits four, five, and six very well is someone who is
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