The Habits Of Highly Effective College Students

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The transition to college for students is very unique because there is so much change and everything seems to be moving faster than normal. It can often be difficult for students to adapt to this new lifestyle because for most students it is their first time away from home and they are being thrown into unfamiliar situations academically and socially. Luckily, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective College Students by Sean Covey provides insight on how to help alleviate a difficult transition and furthermore excel in the college lifestyle.
One step I learned I need to take in order to achieve the goals I have is I must win the private victory if I want to win the public victory. This means that as an undergraduate student, I need to prioritize enforcing habits one, two, and three in my everyday lifestyle. I can be proactive by taking initiative to get tasks done on time such as my schoolwork or even my laundry. In order to put habit two into effect and begin with an end in mind, I must plan ahead, whether it be long term goals for my career or short term deadlines for papers or studying for exams. I can carry out putting first things first by staying organized and balancing the different aspects and interests in my life. I also need to make sure I am placing “Effectiveness first, Then Efficiency. Effectiveness is doing the rights things. Efficiency is doing things right” (Covey 127). Without keeping that in mind, I can be organized and motivated, but working on the wrong things.…
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