The Habits Of The Habit

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“Habit formation is the process by which new behaviors become automatic” (“Habit Formation”). These automatic behaviors can have self-destructive qualities, such as: overeating, smoking cigarettes, texting and driving, or aggressive behavior. Some unfortunate souls, they have overlapping self-inflicting habits. It may come as a shock when one realizes how many of their daily “decisions” are indeed habits that they have unconsciously developed. Likewise, many people do not realize that when they are deciding to satisfy their cravings, they are just caving into their habits. For example, if one is a smoker and they decide to indulge themself with a cigarette, they are simply in the habit loop. The habit loop is what psychologists and Charles Duhigg use to explain impulsive behavior. It involves identifying a cue that triggers the habit process within the brain, then figure out the routine of the habit, and finally interpret the reward of the habit (19). In fact, this process of study habits has been used in hundreds of conducted studies to explain learning, behavior, and memory. The habit loop is engraved so deeply into our everyday lives that we are oblivious to it actually happening. After identifying what the habit cycle is, it becomes easier to identify unsatisfactory routines. By doing so, it becomes beneficial to our daily lives when we can identify poor habits and begin to manipulate goals. Creating daily routines and habits as a student has helped me establish

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