The Habits Of The Polar Bear

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The polar bear is a large bear that lives in the north. They are the second largest bear in the bear family, and they have a unique white fur that differentiates them from the rest of the bears. This white fur is not only their unique characteristic, but also an amazing tool that God has given them so that they can survive in the wild. In order to better understand polar bear, one must understand their habits, their characteristics, and the dangers they are facing. First of all it’s a question that everyone has, what do they eat? Their diet depends on high-fat content in seal fat, this is one of the few stuff that can provide them enough calories to maintain their survival and to pass down their genes. They usually eat seals. Ringed seals are eaten by the females and little ones, and the males hunt the bearded seals, which are bigger than the ringed seals. In the good times when they have access to much food, they may eat only the bladder and the skin of the seal because that’s the fattest part. However, when times are not that good, they will also eat other stuff if it is available. They will hunt whales if they are trapped, they will also accept small animals and any carcass within their reach. Unlike some bears, they don’t have the habit of storing food. After they finish eating, they will leave the rest of the body for scavengers. Sometimes the scavengers might be other polar bears that failed their hunt. It is also very common for them to share food. Once, a scientist
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