The Habsburg Research Paper

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The collection they had on display and many of the rooms had the Habsburg theme. The exhibit was the Habsburg Collection in Vienna. One of the text on the walls beside one of the paintings said “The Habsburg way--- seizing power and holding it through stagecraft and strategy—largely began with Maximilian I (1459-1519) ….” On display they have portraits, busts of famous emperor’s, armor sets of the nobility, furniture the nobles had, they even had a piece called Goblet of Rhinorcous Horn. Since the Habsburg was a royal house they had a lot of items and were great payers of art. They showed off their power, so they had really detailed artworks made for them. Many had cool looking armor, and many other items. The main themes included Jousting,…show more content…
Since they ruled for so long they have a huge significance on the world. They were the thorn of the Holy Roman Empire. Even today Germany, Austria they use a very similar coat of arms as the Habsburg had. So the Habsburgs live on not only in lineage but also in significance. Each piece has a paragraph given for it, it has the name of the piece, the person who made/attributed of making it, the year it was made and what the piece is about. There is a guided tour via headphones. Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian, Fire ,1566. The description on the wall says “This representation of fir is composed of fiery objects, flint and steel stand in for the figures nose and ear, an oil lamp forms the neck, matches create a moustache and muskets and cannons compose the chest and shoulder” it also mentions “Arcimboldi’s image, one in a series depicting the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), deftly suggests harmony can emerge from chaos….” The artist Archimodilo doesn’t cram everything in but instead places everything in a good position. The paining has harmony everything goes with one another. The candle looks waxy and is melting but it is still…show more content…
Not many times have I been to a museum. This was the first art museum I have been to and it was great. It gave me a better understanding of art and seeing these art pieces/ clothing, armor really made me appreciate these artists. Something I could never do, these men and women are so talented. The people who work there are incredibly nice and helpful. All the information is right in front of you or to the side so people cannot miss it. There is also a description which gives a good bit of information. I was thoroughly impressed with the Habsburg collection in person you get them to see the quality of the pieces and see everything that is going on. The colors are real and not over saturated or anything. They are simply done with care and they look really good. The details are outstanding; you really get to see what the artist intended. The atmosphere you are not rushed into seeing specific pieces of work you go at your pace and if you have questions you ask them. It is a very relaxing experience and makes you comfortable. I am not an art critic or art historian but what I can say is that I have never felt more appreciated of artwork. It would be very similar if I went to a concert of my favorite artist. Computers, pictures and everything else cannot beat the live experience. One piece that really took me away was The Crowning with Thorns (Caravaggio), it was fairly large but it looked so good. The attention of detail is
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