The Habsburg and Ottoman Empire

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Throughout history there has been many religious conflicts. Of those, the Habsburg and Ottoman Empire are two of them. The Habsburg Empire was considered a Catholic Empire and the Ottoman was an Islam Empire. Charles V owned the Habsburg Empire. He inherited castile-Aragon (Spain) and the Habsburg territories. He also became the ruler of Aztec and Inca Empires in the Americas. (Sivers, Desnoyer, Stow 2012 Pg. 537) After battling against France in 1519, Charles was the title of emperor. In 1299, Osman Bey was in charge of the Ottoman Empire when he established independent rule in Anatolia. The expansion of the Ottoman Empire began in 1453. The battle in which Charles encountered was just the start of his religions war. At first religion served to support political authority. While he won the title of emperor, he also was made overlord of all German principalities and supreme among the monarchs of western Christianity. Although this title did not mean much in terms of power and financial gain in either the German principalities or western Christianity as a whole, it made him the titular political head of western Christianity and thereby the direct counterpart of Sultan Suleyman in the struggle for dominance in the Christian-Muslim world of Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. (Sivers, Desnoyer, Stow 2012 Pg. 537-538) After this was when things started to get harder for Charles V. He was faced with Religious differences as a challenge to political authority. Charles V.

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