The Hackathon

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On January 8, St. Joseph hosted the NYC Hackathon. The Hackathon was created by We-Connect-The-Dots, an organization that teaches students about technology and different ways to utilize it. The Hackathon was a three day event in which teams were randomly put together to create a website to tackle global issues. During the Hackathon, students from other schools stayed over the weekend to take part in this event. Yes, we took showers. We showered in a gym next door, which by the way was oh, so, fabuloso! The Hackathon started on the night of Friday January 8. That night we were assigned to our teams, and completed our first activity. We built a tower out of cups, pasta, a pencil, a rubber band, and a bag. The towers were then judged by volunteers.…show more content…
I saw many teams come together to win the competition. On Saturday, January 9, we learned about the steps needed to create a website and where to go to do so. I learned that I will stick to writing, creating a website is a complicated process. Then the groups did other activities where they built bridges with two teams. They had to create their own half of a bridge, then attach the bridges together, which should be able to hold a certain amount of bags with marbles in them. The team that got the most marbles won. Somehow, my team, or in this activity, “teams”, were able to get this done. When we finished our bridge it looked like it came out of a landfill, but it held together. The funniest part of this activity was that my team winning even though our bridge looked horrible, and team 6’s bridge was fancy with a 3D approach, which was amazing. My team also did a 3D bridge but not as well done, but somehow we held the most marbles, THEREFORE WE WON! Sadly, again, no prizes. One thing I learned from the Hackathon was the art of no sleep. When we started working on our websites we stayed up for hours. I stayed up for 25 hours. Eventually Sunday, January 10th rolled around and the projects were submitted and
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