The Hague And / Or The Netherlands? Essay

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ESSAY Topic : “Upon graduating from THUAS, what contribution or mark would you like to make to the international ‘community’ of the Hague and/or the Netherlands?” Back when I was a child, the mesmerizing sight of nature’s already captivated me. There were abundant resources in this world. Some waiting its turn to be processed into something more useful for the people and some are still waiting to be found. As well as how great humanity by being able to process all kind of materials they found, starting with traditional technology until the latest technology. By using the technology we have, we process all kinds of material and make it into things that are beneficial our life. By recycling the resources, we can keep processing all kinds of material not only for a short period amount of time. The reality, unfortunately, is very much the opposite of what we hope for. Many factories throw their wastes into the wild without being processed to make it less harmful for the nature. They just throw the waste without considering what kind of effect it will make for this nature. As a person, we have to be responsible for our action. If our action is to take resources from the nature, then we must take care of the nature as a result. With dire moments such as global warming up ahead, we must reflect on ourselves to slow down this problem and also fix the nature. In order to do this, upon graduating from The Hague University of Applied Science, not only I want to make The Hague more
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